Cisco 7937 Conference Station

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If you previously had a Polycom unit, you'll join a bridged call on the Cisco conference station in exactly in the same way.

Dial and join the bridged call
  • Press the large green New call button and dial.
Hang up (leave the call)
  • Press the large End Call button.
Conference Station

Place an outgoing conference call that can include up to 7 external numbers.

Initiate the conference call
  1. Call and greet the first party.
  2. Press more (soft key) and then Confrn (soft key).
    This places the first call on hold and opens a second call.
  3. Call and greet the next party.
  4. Press Confrn (soft key) again to join the calls.
  5. Repeat from step 2 to conference up to 7 additional numbers.
View participants
  • Press Conflist (soft key) to display the list of conference participants.
  • Press Update (soft key) to refresh the list of participants.
Remove a participant
  1. Press Conflist (soft key) to display the list of participants.
  2. Use the Scroll keys to highlight a name and press Remove (soft key).
Moving a Conference Station
  • The unit is not wireless. It must be connected to an IP port.
  • The unit will work when connected to any live IP port in the building.
    Please return it to its designated location.
  • Use care in moving the optional wired extension speakers.