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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my telephone greeting?
See the Voice Mail tab for instructions.

How do I transfer a call?
Say "please hold", press the Transfer softkey. Dial the destination number,
press the Transfer softkey again, and hang up.

How do I transfer a call to another person's voicemail from a Cisco phone?
Press Transfer, press * , dial the extension number, and press Transfer again.

How do I transfer a call to another person's voicemail from an NEC phone?
Press Transfer, dial 29000 (system answers "hello, from a touch-tone…"), dial the extension number, press # , press immediately, then hang-up.

Can I use my current telephone headset with my new Cisco Phone?
This visual guide will answer your questions about using your Plantronics-type
headsets and devices with your new phone.

How do I begin a telephone conference?
Dial the first party, say "please hold", press the Confrn softkey.
Dial the second party, greet them, press Confrn
Continue to dial and Confrn for up to 7 total participants including yourself.

How do I look up a phone number on the phone screen?
When the Unified Communications project is complete in 2014,
the on-screen directory will display all staff listings. Until that time, 
use the Jabber directory or the KSU online phone directory to search all staff.  
See the printable guide for your phone for directory searching instructions.

For detailed phone instructions, see the Printable Guide for your phone above.