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Reception Desk - Log In & Log Out

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On a regular phone which is set up for login, press the Services button, then #4 key ACD AutoLogin.

Reception Desk Morning Log In

This is the phone screen when it is not logged in to receive incoming calls.

1. Press the line button next to ACD AutoLogin.

2. The Call Center screen appears.

Press the State Softkey.

3. Press the number 1 key to select
the Ready menu option.

4. The Call Status Queue Statistics screen appears.

It disappears when you are on a call.

The phone is now in the Ready state to accept calls.

When you leave the desk, press State, then select Not Ready.
Calls go to another agent or to voice mail until you change back to Ready.

To transfer a call, 1) press the TRNSFR softkey, 2) dial the number or press a sidecar fast dial button, then 3) press TRNSFR again. See for information.

Reception Desk Evening Log Out

1. From the Stats screen, press the State softkey.

2. Press the # 2 key to logout,
then press the # 2 key again.

3. You are back to the Agent Login screen.
Select the Exit softkey.

4. The regular phone screen appears.

Calls to the campus line will go to voice mail or to another
agent if someone is logged in on another phone.

If the sidecar goes dark (sleep mode) press a button on the sidecar to light up the sidecar unit. Change the sidecar screen contrast using the Settings button on the phone.