Frequently Asked Questions

Jabber Chat

How do I save chat history in Jabber?
Jabber does not save your chat content when the chat window is closed. If you wish to save information that is sent via chat, highlight the text that you wish to save, and copy and paste the text to a document for storage.

Can I format text within Jabber chat?
Click the icon (Win) or A icon (Mac) in the Jabber chat window to format the font, font size, and other formatting options. Alternatively, you can access the Jabber application options and choose CHAT to access other options.

What is Presence?
Presence is the color-coded dot that appears next to a name in Jabber, as well as Outlook (Windows),
indicating the availability of others. You can change your own Presence status to Available, Away, or Do Not Disturb and optionally personalize your status with a custom message.

Why doesn't Jabber automatically change my status  to “In a Meeting” when there is one on my calendar?
Jabber utilizes a direct connection to the email servers to view calendar availability. Unfortunately, the integration with Office 365 is not currently supported by Cisco, so results may vary. However, a future release of Jabber for Windows will support this functionality through direct Outlook integration. 

Jabber Phone

What are some compatible USB sets that I can use with Jabber as a softphone?
Because of the large number of USB headset vendors and models on the market, it is impossible to determine if each and every model is compatible with your computer and Jabber. However, a page has been created to assist you in finding the right headset for you:
  • Guidelines for helping you choose a USB headset
  • A list of headsets sampled and certified by Cisco as compatible with Jabber.
  • Popular headset manufacturers
  • A list of headsets that Local Departmental Computer Support throughout he university have found to work well for their users.
Click here to view this page

When I make a call from Jabber, why is the audio is heard through the speaker on my desk phone?
The Jabber soft phone and your desk phone act as two extensions of a single line. If Jabber is set to give the desk phone control over the phone functionality, the audio will all be fed through the desk phone, even if the call is initiated through Jabber. To avoid this scenario, be sure to set the primary phone that you need to use each time you launch Jabber. Most users will keep the phone controls set to the desk phone. However, those who travel, are rarely stationary at one office on campus, or need to use a USB headset for a webinar or conference call are more likely to use the soft phone functionality through Jabber to be able to place and receive calls while on the go.

What's the difference between a phone headset and a computer headset?
Phone headsets connect to the telephone and have a modular phone plug. 
Computer (or USB) headsets connect to any computer that supports USB devices. 
Note that non-USB headsets with plug connectors do work with newer computers,
but may require setup in your system controls.

I saved a voice message, but I cannot see it to play back in Jabber.
A voice message must remain in your Outlook inbox in order to be seen and
played back through Jabber. If a message has been moved to a different Outlook folder,
open Outlook and play the message from within Outlook.

How long are Voicemail messages stored for?
Voice messages are stored for 30 days, after which you will receive email notification
that a message is about to be deleted. To save a message, drag it from your Outlook Inbox to
a different folder.

How do I place a call using Jabber? 
To place a call using Jabber, you will type the phone number into the Jabber search field and select Call. This applied to 5 digit campus extension calls and off-campus calls. For off-campus calls, you do not need to dial "8" for an outside line as you would from your desk phone. Additionally, if the person of phone number is saved as an Outlook contact, you may initiate the Jabber phone call through Outlook.

Why do calls placed from my desk phone not show in my Jabber call history and vice versa?
This will occur if Jabber is set to control phone calls (softphone). The only way that the full call history will synchronize is if Jabber is set to have the desk phone to control calls.

In softphone mode, calls answered on the desk phone will synchronize with Jabber call history. Calls answered with Jabber will not show on the desk phone call history. Missed calls will appear on both. Calls placed will not synchronize between the two phones.

We are not aware of any future plans by Cisco to add full call history synchronization into their product.