Jabber for Mac - Sign in

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not already installed “KSU Cisco Jabber” for Mac, click here for instructions. Also, to sign-in to Cisco Jabber, you you must either be on campus, or running the KSU Cisco VPN.

1. Once you have installed “KSU Cisco Jabber” for Mac, you should have the app listed in your Applications folder.

2. Double click on the Cisco Jabber client app.

3. From the Welcome screen, click Continue.

4. From the Service Type screen, make sure Cisco Unified Presence is selected, then click Continue.

5. When prompted for your Username, enter your FlashLineID (without @kent.edu), then click Continue.

6. Next, you should be prompted for your Password, enter your FlashLine password, then click Continue.

7. Once you have successfully logged in, click OK.

8. At this point, you can:
  • Add people to your Contacts list
  • Initiate a text chat
  • Initiate or answer a phone call
  • Check your voicemail

9. When you are ready to sign out, click the Jabber menu, then Sign Out FlashLineID@kent.edu.