Jabber for Mac - Tri-Fold

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Start a Conference Call
1. Call the first participant.
2. In the active call window, select Show Actions, then click Add Call.
3. Call the second participant. Click Show Actions and select Conference.
Continue to Add Call more parties, up to 8 including yourself.

View Call History icon
Click the Calls icon. The number indicates missed calls.
Select All or Missed to list your calls.
The entries function exactly like contacts, allowing you to call back, chat, send email, etc., to the caller.

Chat History icon (not used)
Chats are not saved.

Voicemail icon
Listen to Voicemail, Delete a Message
Click the Voicemail icon to display your messages.
Double-click a message or select a message and click the Play Play button button.
Click Delete to more the message to the Trash.

Mark a Message as Read
Select one or more voicemail items, press Ctrl-click and select Mark as Read.

Undelete a Message
To undelete a message, click the Trash button at the top of the list of messages. Click on a message to select, then click the Undelete button to restore the message to your Voicemail Inbox.

Call back, send email, or chat invitation
Message entries function exactly like contacts, allowing you to call back, chat, send email etc., to the caller.

Call voice mail to change settings, record a greeting, etc.
Click the Voicemail icon in the icon bar Voicemail icon
Click the Dial Voicemail button at the end of the Messages List.

The Status menu Jabber Preferences icon is located in the lower right of the jabber window.

Jabber Phone Preferences

Forward Incoming Calls
Forward calls to another extension if you wish.
Permission is required to forward to a long distance number.

User Preferences
Open user preference settings by selecting Open Call Preferences.
You can change your chat text formatting, automatic Presence status flags, and more.

The privacy option allow you to control who can see your status and send you messages.

See http://ucsupport.kent.edu
or call 330-672-HELP

To change your Presence status, click the drop-down list below your name in the Jabber window Available icon and select a status indicator. Select Custom... to type a custom message flag.

   Available in Jabber
   Idle or On the Phone or In a Meeting
   Do Not Disturb
   Not logged in to Jabber, or Out of Office
Blocked icon Blocked Contact
No status shown: External Contact

Create a Group
1. From the Settings menu at lower left Settings icon select Add Group ...
2. Type the Group Name and click OK. The new group appears in the Jabber Window

Add KSU Contacts
1. From the Settings menu, select Add Contact. Enter part of the person name or user id into the Search field
and select the matching record .
2. Select a group, click the Add button.

Add External Contacts
1. From the Settings menu, select Add Contact. Click the Add Personal Contact button.
2. Enter the contact information, select a group if desired, and click Add.

Add another number or a nickname for a Contact
1. Click or hover over the contact name to view profile information. Click the i information icon.
2. Click Edit in the Info pane that appears.
3. Add a nickname, enter additional phone numbers as desired, and Save.

Start a Chat
1. Double-click a contact Name in your contact list
2. Type your message into the lower field of the window.
3. (Optional) Format text, add an emoticon, transfer a file.
4. Press Enter/Return to send the message.

Chat Window Options
Voice CallVoice Call - Initiates an audio call. If you are chatting
with multiple people, this initiates a conference call.

Add iconAdd Participants - Search your contacts list and the KSU directory and add people to your chat.
Tip: Drag a name from your contact list to add the person to your chat.

Format Chat TextFormat Chat Text - Select a font, type size, color.

EmoticonsEmoticons - Select from a palette of smileys.

File attachmentFile attachment - transfer a file via chat. Don't close the chat window until the transfer is complete.

Use Jabber as a phone
In the Call Settings menu Phone Preferences icon at lower right in the Jabber window, select Send Audio through Computer.
Calls can now be controlled from Jabber.

Jabber Phone Preferences

Note: if you are using Jabber to make calls with a laptop when you are away from your office, be sure to select
Send Audio through Computer, or those near your desk phone will hear conversations broadcast through your desk phone speaker.

Place a Call
Select one of the following:
  • Hover over a contact name and click the phone icon.
  • Click the Search icon Search type a phone number and press the Enter/Return key to Call.
  • Type a name into the Search field . Click on the Call: (phone number) listing that you wish to dial.
  • Open the Dial Pad Dial Pad type the phone number into the field provided, then click the Call Phone icon or press the Enter / Return key.
Receive a Call
Click Answer in the call window that pops up on the screen.
Or select Decline to refuse the call.

Call Management Options
During an active call , use these icons to control call functions:
MuteMute call

Hold CallHold call

VolumeControl volume

There is a red button to End Call
Click Show Actions to display more call options:

Add Call to conference, or add another party to the call

Transfer to send the call to another extension or to voice mail, select a contact and click Call. When they answer,
click Complete Transfer.