Jabber behavior when signed in on multiple computers

This situation will only apply if you are signed on to Jabber from more than one computer. New incoming chats will appear on all logged in Jabber sessions. Once you respond to a chat message, all incoming chat messages for that conversation will only appear on that computer.

Example:  Bob is logged in to two Jabber sessions, one on Computer A and one on Computer B. Sally sends him a new chat message. Bob will receive the chat notifications on both Computer A and B. If Bob responds from computer B, all responses from Sally for that chat session, will only come to Computer B. A chat session ends when the chat window is closed.

If Bob begins a new chat session with Steve from Computer A, Steve’s responses will only appear on Computer A, so Bob could be conducting chats with two different people on two different computers.

If you wish to avoid this scenario, it is very important to:

1. Log off of additional Jabber sessions that you do not need.
2. Close open chat sessions when finished or upon moving to a different computer.
3. Chat only from one computer at a time.