Jabber for Mac does not display custom statuses set by Jabber for Windows users

Custom status messages set by a user in a Windows Jabber client will not be reflected in the contact list for a friend who is using the Mac Jabber client. The status for the user on the Mac Jabber client’s contact list will simply show either Available, Away, or Do Not Disturb. Other Windows Jabber clients will see the custom status in their contact list.

Example:   Bob is using Jabber for Windows and sets a Custom Away message to “Out to lunch.” His friend John, who has Bob in his Jabber contact list, will only see his status as “Away” because he is using Jabber for Mac. On the other hand, Sally, who is also using Jabber for Windows, will see the status for Bob as “Out to lunch” in her Jabber contact list.

If a custom status is set by a user in Mac Jabber, friends using both Mac and Windows Jabber clients will see that custom status reflected in their Jabber contact list.