Mac softphone - Unable to hear caller

If using the softphone from Jabber for Mac to make or answer a call, the audio may be impacted by the Mac Firewall. A user can successfully connect to the call, but all audio is not working and neither caller can hear one another.

To correct this situation, you may need to first verify that the Firewall is indeed turned ON.

1. Open System Preferences

2. Select Security and Privacy

3. Select the Firewall tab

4. If the firewall is, click the lock in the lower left corner to change the settings

5. Click Firewall Options

6. If Block all incoming connections is selected, you will need to uncheck it to add specific applications.

7. To add a specific firewall exception, click the plus “+” sign and choose Cisco under Applications. Click ADD.

8. Click OK on the Firewall screen to save your settings.