Presence bubbles are missing or grey in Outlook (Windows only)

There are several scenarios where this issue may appear.

  • Not signed in to Jabber
    Users must be signed in to Jabber in order for the Presence for internal KSU contacts to appear in your email.

  • Office Communicator is running
    Former Office Communicator users who still have the application installed may face an issue after they are migrated to Jabber. Office Communicator may still be automatically launching (not logging in) at Windows startup, This will impact the Presence bubbles in Outlook. Simply closing Office Communicator is only a temporary solution until the next time you log off/on to the computer. Each time Office Communicator is launched, it sets itself back to load at startup. The instructions below will show you how to verify if Office Communicator is running and how you can prevent it from automatically launching.

  1. Look in your system tray, located in the lower right corner of the screen. If Communicator is running, you will see a white cartoon chat bubble with a red “X” over it.

  2. To make sure that Office Communicator is not set to automatically start with Windows, right-click on the icon and choose Open. At the top of the Office Communicator windows, navigate to Actions > Options. (You may have to click the sign-on button to access the menu options shown in the below image.)

  3. In the Options dialog, confirm that the checkbox next to ‘Automatically run Communicator when I log on to windows’ is unchecked.  If not, click the box to uncheck it.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Next, to exit out of Office Communicator, right click the icon (Step 1) in the system tray and select Exit.
  • Office Communicator was uninstalled after Jabber was installed
    Because Office Communicator and Jabber use the same hooks into Outlook to display Presence, uninstalling Office Communicator AFTER Jabber has been installed will break the hooks into Outlook because they were created by Office Communicator, but still used by Jabber.

    In order to correct the broken Presence with Outlook, you will need to run a repair of the Jabber client.

    1. Exit out of the Jabber application, making sure it is completely closed. Signing out of Jabber is not the same thing.

    2. Open the Programs and Features (Windows 7) or Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP) menu, located in the Control Panel..

    3. Locate Cisco Jabber in the installed programs list.

    4. Right click Cisco Jabber and choose “Repair.

    5. Relaunch Jabber.

  • Outlook not restarted after Jabber install
    If Jabber was installed while Outlook was running, but Outlook has not yet been closed, the Presence bubbles may not appear in Outlook. You will need to close and re-open Outlook.

  • Jabber is set to show accessible status icons
    If a user enabled the accessible icons for Jabber, the Presence bubbles will all be shades of gray. The accessible icons feature is to assist visually impaired users.

    To verify if this option is enabled or disabled, open Jabber and choose View from the menu. Accessible presence is enabled if there is a checkmark to the left of it (see below).

    A chart with the corresponding statuses for accessible and non-accessible presence bubbles is listed below: