Remove custom statuses in Jabber


In Windows Jabber versions previous to 9.1.x, the last three custom status messages for each status type (Available, Away, and Do Not Disturb) are retained. There is not a way to remove them without creating new custom statuses to replace any or all of the status you wish to remove.

Starting in Windows Jabber version 9.1.0, custom status messages can now be removed, but only en masse. As with the prior version, only the last three are retained for each status level.

1. Click the arrow for the drop-down to select a status and select "Delete custom statuses". All custom status messages will be removed. There is not an option to only remove individual custom status messages.


Jabber for Mac version 8.6.5, the first version deployed at Kent State, already has the ability to manually delete individual unwanted custom status messages. There are two ways to access the window to remove these custom statuses (1a and 1b below):

1a. From the Jabber menu: File > Status > Edit Status Menu


1b. Click the status drop-down and select Edit Status Menu

2. Select the custom status message you would like to remove and press the minus “-” button.