Frequently Asked Questions

I installed the Jabber app on my smartphone, but it doesn't work, why not?
There are different mobile applications for mobile devices that pertain to Cisco Jabber. One is often named Cisco Jabber IM and the other just Cisco Jabber. If you have the ability to logon to Cisco Jabber on a desktop computer, then you can logon to the Jabber IM client as well.

For the voice applications, this process is much different. Your mobile device must be registered in order to use the Kent Unified Communications voice network. You must submit a ticket with the Helpdesk to request registration of your mobile device to be use the voice application.

What mobile devices are currently supported? 
Android phones and iOS (iPhone and iPad) are currently supported for voice and IM, though please read the specific requirements to verify that your device and OS version are supported. Android tablets are not currently supported by Cisco for the Jabber clients.

An IM client for older BlackBerry devices (pre BlackBerry 10) exists, but not for BlackBerry 10. Windows mobile is not a supported platform at this time. Please check the specific instructions for your device on the Mobile How-To Guides page.