How do I configure Cisco Jabber for iPad?

Cisco Jabber™ for iPad is a unified communications client application that provides presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, voice messaging, and video calling capabilities on the Apple iPad.

  • iPad running iOS 5.1 or later
    • iPad 2
    • iPad - 3rd Generation
    • iPad - 4th Generation
    • iPad mini

  • WiFi connection
  • AnyConnect VPN connection when off-campus
  • To use the telephone client, a telephone device must be built for your iPad. Open an IS request ticket to have an iPad device built for your Extension/FlashLine ID.

Note - The phone feature will only be available to those who are moved to the new Cisco phone system. If your phone has not been moved, you will need to wait until your building/department has been migrated before this feature is available to you.

Cisco Jabber for iPad Jabber configuration

CAUTION:  Set up and sign into the ‘Cisco Instant Messaging’ first by following the instructions under Section I - IM/Chat Configuration. If you configure and sign into your Cisco Unified Communications Manager account under Section II - Phone/Video Configuration first, you will not be able to backtrack to configure the IM/Chat portion of the Jabber for iPad application.

I. IM/Chat Configuration:
  1. Download and install the Cisco Jabber for iPad app from the Apple App Store:
  2. Launch the Cisco Jabber app
  3. Select “Cisco Unified Presence” from the account type screen.

  1. Enter the following logon information:
    1. Username: <Flashline ID>
    2. Password: <Flashline password>
    3. Server Address:
  2. Select the “Sign In” button and the IM/Chat window will open.

II. Phone/Video Configuration
With the IM/Chat window opened after the IM/Chat configuration has been completed, follow the subsequent steps to configure the Phone/Video component.  Before configuring, please be sure that you meet the requirements for accessing the phone/video features as outlined in the Requirements section above, such as being on the new Cisco phone system and requesting a Device ID.

  1. On the right pane, you should see a box labeled “If you also have an account for video and voice calling, you can set it up now”
  2. Select “Set up Video and Voice Calling Account”
  3. Select “Unified Communications Manager”

  1. Enter the following logon information:

  1. Username: <Flashline ID>
  2. Password: <Flashline password>
  3. Server Address: Two IP Addresses will already be listed. These are non-editable fields.

  1. Select “Save” in upper right corner.