How do I configure Cisco Jabber IM for Android?

Stay connected while mobile: Cisco Jabber® IM for Android delivers instant messaging (IM) and presence to your Android phone.


  • Supported devices are those running the following Android operating system versions:

    • 2.3

    • 4.0

    • 4.1

    • Note - Android 4.2 is NOT a Cisco supported OS for this application.

  • WiFi connection

  • AnyConnect VPN connection when off-campus


  1. Download and install the Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone app from the Apple App Store:

  2. Launch the Cisco IM app

  3. Accept the license agreement

  4. Enter your KSU email address

  5. Click “Continue.”

  6. Select “Unified Presence” on the account type screen.

  1. Enter the following logon information:

    1. Username: <Flashline ID>

    2. Password: <Flashline password>

    3. Server Address:

  2. Select the “Sign In” button