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Frequently Asked Questions

I deleted all voicemail messages in Outlook. Why didn't the light on my desk phone go out?
When you delete a voicemail message in your Outlook In Box, there can be a processing delay of up to 10 minutes for the message waiting light on your phone to turn off. 

What are my recorded greeting options in voice mail?
You can simply record your spoken name, which is inserted into a pre-recorded greeting message. This is the System Greeting option. You can also record these full-length custom greetings and manage when they are played to callers:
Standard greeting : playback during working hours
Alternate greeting : playback during a specified time period, such as vacation
Busy Greeting : playback when you are on another call
Closed Greeting : playback during non-working hours
Internal Greeting : playback to coworkers/callers within organization only

Why are the Unity voicemail messages in Outlook color coded?
When Unity voicemail is enabled for your account and is set to deliver voicemail messages into your email, a new Outlook category called “ViewMail” is created in your mailbox.  All voicemail delivered into your mailbox will be assigned this category automatically.

How do I permanently delete a voicemail message from email?
Microsoft‘s Office 365 email retention policy is set to save messages for 16 days after they have been permanently deleted from a user’s Deleted Items folder. Items may become permanently deleted in a number of ways. The most likely examples are:
  • Hard deleting messages  (Deleting while pressing the Shift key).
  • Emptying the contents of the Deleted Items folder.