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UC Terminology

Chat Client -- Software installed on a computer that controls chat messaging. See 'Jabber' below.

Jabber -- Cisco Jabber is a software client for personal computers, smart phones, and tablet devices. Jabber supports presence information, instant messaging, voice, video, desktop sharing, and conferencing.  (As of mid-2012, Kent is using Jabber for Mac and Cisco Personal Communicator for PC, a software client which will be replaced by Jabber for PC at a future date.) 

Mobility -- Cisco Unified Mobility gives you the ability to redirect your incoming calls to different designated phones, such as cellular phones. You can also transition an active call from your mobile phone to your desktop client without interruption.

Presence -- A feature of Unified Communications that displays the availability of your colleagues for chat or calls.
Sidecar -- A side car is a phone expansion module which adds up to 24 additional shared line appearances to a phone.

Soft client -- See 'Jabber' above.

Soft phone -- A computer or tablet device with software that provides telephone functionality. See 'Jabber' above.