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Web Meeting


What's the difference between a web meeting and a conference call?


  • A web meeting enables you to talk to and share documents with other people. A web meeting can include a shared visual space, displayed in a browser, where you can share documents, applications, or your desktop with people. It can also include video of you and the other participants.

  • A conference call is an audio call in which you can speak to two or more other people. It does not include a shared visual space. It can include video.


How do I start a web meeting?


You can start a web meeting with people on your contact list; or you can add one to an audio call or a chat you are having.

  1. Select one or more contacts from your contact list.

  2. Right-click and select Start a Meeting. Your browser is launched and a meeting is started with you as the host.

  3. For your contacts, a link is displayed in the chat window. This link takes the contact to a browser where the virtual meeting room is available to join.


How do I join a web meeting?


When you are invited to a web meeting, you receive an instant message in Cisco Unified Personal Communicator. The instant message contains a URL to join the meeting, and a password if required.

To join the meeting, click the URL you receive in the chat window to launch your default browser. If you initiate the meeting, the system starts the meeting automatically and adds you to the web meeting.


How do I add someone to a web meeting?


To add a contact to a web meeting while the meeting is in progress:

  1. Right-click on the contact.

  2. Select Invite to Meeting in Progress and then select the meeting.

    If the contact is offline, the option to invite the contact to the meeting is not available. If you select multiple contacts using the Ctrl key, and one or more of the contacts is offline, a dialog is displayed informing you that the offline contacts will not receive the invitation. Click Yes to send the invitation to the online contacts.

This feature only works if you are using Cisco WebEx to schedule your web meetings.